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engaged in business of representation Indenting, Project Management & Service Support. We are in this business since 2003 with rich experience in the market in, both, private and government sectors for over 36 years of working experience. The organization is intend to grow to keep pace with the fatest growing Indian Economy. We feels at prides in introducing new advanced technologies to the new generation of Indian market – supported by commitments and reliable after-sales-service and recently reinforced by a project management team.


The division has 36 years of rich experience and reputation as Market Leader in Indian market serving the following manufacturing Industries: MACHINE TOOLS, METAL FORMING, TESTING & METROLOGY DIVISION, is a division of ARIXOL PETROCHEM INC,

Market Segments


  • Automobiles and Auto Ancillaries

  • Defence Hardware Production

  • Ship builders, Rail Coach and Locomotive

  • Power Generation Equipment

  • Aircraft and Aerospace

  • Others


We brings world-class technologies, to the Indian market, in business partnership with manufacturers from Europe, Russia, USA, Ukraine & Canada, and value for money solutions from Korea & Taiwan as well. Total Solutions are provided matching customer's need of volume and application.


Metal Forming, Fabricating and Joining Machines of all types for Coils, Plates, Sheets, Bars, Tubes, Strips and Wires, Sections, Rails, Ingots, Forgings E.g. Mechanical, Hydraulic and Servo Presses and Tandem Press Lines;Transfer Presses;Swaging, Punching Machine;Automatic Straightening Presses for Shafts etc; Coil Processing Machines for Steel and Aluminum Industries E.g. Slitting Lines, Cut to Length Lines, Combination Lines, Tension leveling lines, Blanking Lines, Aircraft structural fastening and assembly solutions.

  • Forging presses including hydraulic, crank, knuckle joint, screw and wedge Presses Open die Forging Press, radial forging machine, Radial forging equipment, Piercing, Drawing and Extrusion presses,
  • Surface Preparation Systems - Shot Blasting, Peening, Peen Forming, Laser Peen Forming Plasma-Nitriding, Deburring Polishing, Paint Lines etc.
  • Machines for Processing Metals with Thermal Processes:- Furnaces for various applications: Vacuum induction melting including for investment casting, electro slag refining, vacuum arc re-melting, electron beam melting, Melting & refining furnaces of steel consisting of Electric Arc Furnaces, Ladle, etc.
  • Electron Beam, Laser and Robotic Welding Machines, Friction and Inertia Welding, Friction Stir Welding machines etc.
  • Foundry Equipment: Shell core & Cold core box machines including accessories like Shoot blow, Gas chamber, Gas Generator, Sand Mixer, Scrubber tank, Resin heating tank, Shell mold machine
  • Specialized Systems for Automotive Industry: BIW System, End Of Line Equipments, Engine and Transmission Assembly and Testing Systems including Cold Engine Testin.
  • Dies & Prototypes: Stamping Tool Dies, Prototype Panels through Soft-tooling dies, Metal & Plastic Prototype parts & Castings as well as Molds for Vacuum Casting & Metal Casting.
  • Metrology Machines and Testing Equipments: Co-ordinate Measuring Machines & Industrial Computer Tomography.

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